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I'm on LinkedIn all day, and my time is important. My team loves this tool. Super efficient.

CJ Tufano - Director of Recruiting

Why do I like Very Fast? It helps me save time and my time is money. I'm a very happy customer!

Rudi Steinhardt - Head of Growth

Very Fast feeds my need for speed. I’m super busy and love tools that help me to do what I need to do, but quicker. If you’re a true sales professional you’ll be using LinkedIn, and if you're using LinkedIn then you need to be using Very Fast.

Kevin Dixon - Sales Executive

There are a lot of tools out there, but few that I use everyday. Very Fast is one of them. A must have for sales & marketing!

Philip Calvert - LinkedIn Expert

Very Fast has been fantastic. I used to have 20+ 'templates' in a word doc that I'd copy and paste when sending LinkedIn invites, messages, or inmails. Now all my templates are at my fingertips - literally just the double click of a button away. If you're in recruiting, or in a role where you send similar messages frequently, try Very Fast out. I use it everyday.

Rachel Garland - Senior Recruiter

Very Fast is so simple and easy to use for sales plus I’m not worried about getting my LinkedIn account locked. If you’re a startup founder, recruiter, or just a busy person looking to be more productive — check this tool out!

Ryan O Donnell - Recruiting and Sales

For anyone spending a good portion of their time on LinkedIn, Very Fast is one to seriously consider adding to your list. It has been a big time saver. Look forward to seeing how the product evolves.

Javed Bobat - Recruiting

Streamlines LinkedIn sales outreach. It's also great to see a tool address feedback so quickly. Look forward to see what features come next.

Rahul Singh - Sales

Having road tested LOTS of different tools for improving the efficiency of our Linkedin outreach, I'm really impressed. Not only does it greatly increase the speed of sending messages, it does it all WITHOUT automation - helping to keep my account safe & keeping the "human" element of the communication process firmly in place. This is not an automation tool in the traditional sense, more a tool that creates huge efficiencies with those everyday messages that I send on LinkedIn.

Dan Smith - Sales

No more copy & paste! No more pasting the wrong name or going through the computer to find a template - they are all stored within the tool. Helps me to be very fast and efficient!

Ana Luiza Rangel - Business Coach

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